Sunday, September 8, 2019

The Spirit Gallery - Trailer & DVD Details

Coming Soon from SOVHORROR.COM, for the first time on DVD, John Strysik's rarely seen S.O.V. from 1995 The Spirit Gallery!

A woman obsessed with a secluded artist travels beyond reality in THE SPIRIT GALLERY!

Gwendolyn was a God-fearing woman until she met B.A. Catch and his fantastic abilities. Perhaps the greatest artist who ever lived, Catch could manifest plaster from the palms of his hands - and steal your soul in the process! Sculpting faces out of clay, Catch opens a doorway into another dimension where pain and pleasure mix indefinitely. People are crucified and beaten to death. Now the body is altered, the skin diseased and in need of a new host to survive... but can love win out?

From John Strysik, one of the directors of George Romero's television series "Tales From the Darkside" and "Monsters", as well as the writer of Stuart Gordon's "Stuck" and "Deathbed", comes THE SPIRIT GALLERY!  A semi-divine tale of lust, love and severe mutation.

Special Features
  • Commentary With Director John Strysik
  • Young People In Trouble - A 16mm Short by John Strysik
  • Behind The Scenes Stills Gallery
  • Trailer
  • Trailers For Other SOVHORROR.COM Releases
  • Reproduction Catch Newspaper Article