Friday, December 11, 2020

The Sadness DVD Available Now!!!

Sam and Jason are best buds who enjoy being DJ's at their local college radio station. When their friend Becky witnesses the murder of her neighbor, Sam get's the bright idea to interview her on his show. Little do the duo know that the killer, known only as THE SADNESS is tuned in. Now he is stalking the hallowed halls of the school, and there is no escape from his wrath. THE SADNESS is coming and you better watch out because he will give an all new meaning to the term dead air.

Special Features
  • Audio Commentary By Director Matt Brassfield
  • Clips From Unfinished Film - Long Dead Winter
  • Bonus Short - The Mummy Vs. The Stalker
  • Bonus Short - The Hook
  • Bonus Short - Nightmare
  • Vintage Matt Brassfield Intro
  • Original Release Trailer
  • SOVHORROR.COM Trailer Vault

2006 / COLOR / 36 MIN. / UNRATED