Monday, February 8, 2021

Monster In The Garage / Zombie Love Slave DVD Available Now!!!

Welcome to the S.O.V. Drive-In! Where you get not only one, but two awesome S.O.V. features. Complete with vintage intermission ads and trailers for a fun filled at home drive-in experience. So head on over to the refreshment stand and join us for this gory double feature from cult Director Joe Sherlock.

In Monster In The Garage, an alien spaceship crash lands on Earth and the intergalactic bloodsucker on board takes refuge in Steve's messy garage, slowly making lunch meat out of his friends. Zombie Love Slave features a horde of gut-munching undead who got more than just dinner on their minds.

Special Features
  • Watch Drive-In Style Or Select A Feature
  • Audio Commentary On Both Movies
  • The Making Of Monster In The Garage
  • The Making Of Zombie Love Slave
  • Zombie Love Slave Behind The Scenes
  • Monster In The Garage Stills Gallery
  • Bonus Short - Monster In The Car
  • Original Release Trailers
  • SOVHORROR.COM Trailer Vault

1997 And 1999 / COLOR / 86 MIN. / UNRATED

Available On DVD-R From SOVHORROR.COM: