B-Movie Madness

B-Movie Madness is a YouTube review show hosted by Jonathon Knight that started in 2004. Jonathon is a big fan of S.O.V. movies (since he discovered Redneck Zombies on VHS as a teenager) and his goal is to review as many SOV flicks as possible. We are happy to have him as part of the SOVHORROR.COM family and host his SOV related videos on our site! Be sure to check out his YouTube channel for more reviews (non SOV related).

Vampirisa's Velvet Vault of Horror (2001)

Dimension Of Blood / We Need Earth Women (1996 / 1999)

Monster In The Garage / Zombie Love Slave (1997 / 1999)

Horrorgirl (1995)

Crimson Heather / Lust Of The Vampire Hookers (1999)

The Sadness (2006)

Deck the Halls / Humpleforeskin (2005)

Slumber Party Murder Mania (2004)

Natasha Nighty's Boudoir Of Blood (2020)

Monster History 101 (2020)

The Shape (1992)

Blood Orgy Of The Leather Girls (2020)

Backyard Gore (2020)

Bloody Red Lips Of Blood (2012)

The Final Caller (2006)

Dead Teenagers (2006)

Amerikill (1999)

Mr. Ice Cream Man (1995)

The Spirit Animal (2020)

The Room Mate (1992)

Stoinky Beach (2013)

An Evening With My Great Aunt Bedleia (2012)

The Dingleberrys (2012)

Happy Helladays (2011)

Death O'Lantern (2011)

Die-B-Que (2011)

Mondo Bizarro (2007)

Purveyors Of Blood (2004)

The Spirit Gallery (1995)

Blood Lake (1987)

Zombarella's House Of Whorrors (2019)

Screaming for Sanity: Truth or Dare 3 (1998)

Metal Noir (1991)

Clownado (2019)

Redneck Zombies (1989)

Bonehill Road (2017)

Venus Flytrap (1987)

Wicked Games (1994)

Premutos (1997)

Truth or Dare (1986)

Killing Spree (1987)