by Tim Ritter

It had to have been sometime in 1987 when I was introduced to Hugh Gallagher by Donald Farmer. I had just finished shooting KILLING SPREE and Hugh had an upstart horror ‘zine called DRACULINA that wanted to interview me about TRUTH OR DARE and KILLING SPREE, my two 16mm horror flicks that came from the mid-80’s and went direct to VHS. Hugh sent me a copy of DRACULINA # 6 and I definitely wanted to be a part of what he was creating! Here was coverage of the kind of movies I loved (and aspired to make!) and the people that made them---past, present, and future! I YEARNED to be a part of this new magic kingdom!

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by Tim Ritter

The summer of 1986 saw the release of my biggest direct-to-video feature film to date, TRUTH OR DARE?- A CRITICAL MADNESS.  The movie received an onslaught of publicity in both the national and local [South Florida] scene, where I grew up.  At the time, I was just eighteen years old and the press seemed fascinated that a “kid” of seventeen had made a $200,000.00-plus splatter movie that was shot in his Florida hometown that was now being distributed around the globe by the time he had turned eighteen. It was an angle they played up everywhere, from CNN to THE PALM BEACH POST.  I recall one article in particular running in THE PALM BEACH POST titled TEEN PUTS SCREAMS ON VIDEO SCREEN, and a lot of local folks wanting to collaborate or get into the business of moviemaking contacted me.