Sunday, January 19, 2020

Mondo Bizarro The Complete Series DVD Available Now!

SOVHORROR.COM is proud to present the lost cable access show from creator Tony Masiello (Zombarella's House Of Whorors) MONDO BIZARRO!

Get ready for some of the most weird and wacky educational films you’ll ever see in MONDO BIZARRO THE COMPLETE SERIES. No subject is too taboo! Sex, drugs, masturbation, this set has it all. Hosted by the lovely Amber Glossine (of the pop-punk band The Glossines), each episode of MONDO BIZARRO also contains vintage drive-in intermission ads, trailers, and sultry burlesque acts. So what are you waiting for? Grab the popcorn, some beer, and those mind altering drugs for MONDO BIZARRO THE COMPLETE SERIES!

Contains All Six Episodes
  • As Boys Grow
  • The Party / Drug Addiction
  • Drugs Are Like That
  • Keep Off The Grass
  • Measure Of A Man
  • Molly Grows Up

2007/ COLOR / 171 MIN. / UNRATED

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