Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Metal Noir Special Edition DVD

SOVHORROR.COM is proud to announce our first DVD release! David R. Williams' Lost Shot On Video Shocker From 1990 METAL NOIR!

Laurel Oberion thinks she's buying a nice house, but gets more than she bargained for! Haunted by a dead anthropologist and his satanic wife, Laurel's newfound home turns into a bloodbath of sexual desires when pain and pleasure mix indiscriminately. A basement of terror hides the secret... blood flows as human sacrifice leads to resurrection of a Dark God... and only Laurel can stop it before it's too late!

Writer's block becomes psychotic madness in METAL NOIR, where blood-spattered sex leads to face-stabbing gore!

Long thought to be a lost movie, METAL NOIR is presented here for the first time on any format complete and UNCUT! Featuring early acting roles by Cult Filmmakers Charles Pinion (Twisted Issues, Red Spirit Lake, We Await) and Hugh Gallagher (Gorgasm, Gorotica, Gore Whore)!

  • Audio Commentary With Director David R. Williams 
  • Audio Commentary With Actor Charles Pinion Moderated By Mike Hunchback and Matt Desiderio
  • S.O.V. The True Indepedents Episodes The Making Of Hugh Gallagher’s Gore Trilogy 
  • Behind The Scenes Stills Gallery
  • Metal Noir Trailer
  • Trailers For Other SOVHORROR.COM Releases 

1990 / COLOR / 73 MIN. / UNRATED

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Available On VHS From SRS Cinema
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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Zombarella's S.O.V. Theater - Night Of The Living Babes

This time Zombarella checks out Gregory Dark's 1987 ode to adultery Night Of The Living Babes. Is it worth the heavy price on eBay to get a copy? Watch and find out.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Zombarella's House Of Whorrors - Trailer

In the tradition of USA Up All Night and TNT's Monstervision comes Zombarella's House Of Whorrors! A lost pirate satellite broadcast from the 90's featuring Fred Olen Wood's shot on video sleazefest Tales from the Mausoleum. Complete and uncut with vintage trailers, commercial breaks and sexy 1-900 phone sex ads all hosted by your benefactor of bounce Zombarella! Coming soon to VHS and DVD from

Monday, April 8, 2019

S.O.V. The True Independents - Promo Trailer

Promo trailer for S.O.V. The True Independents featuring 36 interviews with S.O.V. pioneers and experts. Featuring Interviews With:

Andrea Adams, Brad Sykes, Chris LaMartina, Chris Mackey, Chris Seaver, Christopher Lewis, Darrin Ramage, David B. Stewart III, David C. Hayes, David Parker, Donald Farmer, Doug Matley, Ed Bishop, Gary P. Cohen, Gary Whitson, Greg Goodsill, Hugh Gallagher, Jason Paul Collum, Jay Woefel, Joe Sherlock, Joel D. Wynkoop, Johnny Dickie, Josh Schafer, Linda McGill, Mack Hail, Mark Polonia, Michael Raso, Paul Zamarelli, Richard Mogg, Ron Bonk, Ron Ford, Ronnie Sorter, Tim Boggs, Tim Ritter, Todd Jason Falcon Cook, William Hellfire

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Zombraella's S.O.V. Theater - Horrorgirl (1995)

Zombraella's S.O.V. Theater - Horrorgirl (1995)
Zombarella takes a look at Raoul Vehill's 1995 Gothstravaganza HORRORGIRL! An S.O.V. horror rock movie starring the sultry Ghetty Chasun (Gorotica, Red Lips).

Also stick around after the credits for Zombarella's take on Todd Sheets classic S.O.V. theme for Prehistoric Bimbos In Armageddon City!