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Review - Black Devil Doll From Hell (1984)

Black Devil Doll From Hell (1984)
Review By Tony Masiello

Helen Black is a lonely repressed religious fanatic who is saving herself for marriage. That is until she stumbles across a strange puppet in an old curio shop. The doll has the ability to grant the owner their hearts-felt wish, but at a sinister price.

Black Devil Doll From Hell is notable for not only being one of the first SOV's released for the newly emerging home video market, but also because it was made by an all black cast and crew. Director Chester Novell Turner's Chicago lensed masterpiece is a weird mix of erotica, horror, and comedy that has yet to be matched (though many have emulated it).

Originally released (in a re-edited version) on video by the PD label Hollywood Home Theater in 1984, I imagine most viewers were probably in complete and utter shock as the movie unfolded before their unsuspecting eyes. It contains a wide array of creepy yet comedic moments that are guaranteed to stick with you long after you're done watching it.

Scenes such as the puppet shouting "Wake Up Bitch" to a sleeping Helen, the puppet licking her body (complete with a salivating tongue), and finally the puppet fucking her still pack a punch today.

Unfortunately BDDFH has gained a reputation of being one of those "so bad it's good" movies and is typically panned by most reviewers, which in my opinion is an unfair assessment. Sure the acting isn't great and the casio soundtrack has not aged well but BDDFH is a fun, original, and unique movie that deserves much more respect than the trash talking critics give it. It's one of those movies that is truly one of a kind and could only come from someone working outside of the Hollywood system.

A while back Massacre Video released a special edition DVD which contains two versions of the movie, the original Director's Cut (previously unreleased) as well as the original VHS cut. The VHS cut is better paced and takes no time getting to the puppet action but the Director's Cut adds more to the story and is superior in my opinion.

If you haven't seen BDDFH it's mandatory viewing for all SOV fans. Chester Novell Turner is one of the true pioneers of shot on video cinema and I'm glad the movies reputation has grown over the years despite the negative criticisms. I hope though that people can evaluate it more on its merits of being a unique piece of art than just a movie where a puppet fucks a woman. In my opinion this is one of the most important and best shot on video movies ever made and I hope someday it gets the respect it ultimately deserves.

Review - Teenage Slumber Party Nightmare (2014)

Teenage Slumber Party Nightmare
Review By Dave Sloane

A group of high school girls get together for a slumber party weekend to celebrate spring break. Unfortunately though someone plans on crashing the party and he's brought his drill with him. Can the girls survive the Teenage Slumber Party Nightmare?

TSPN comes from Canada filmmaker and Analog Nightmares author Richard Mogg. It is clearly inspired by the Slumber Party Massacre series as you can tell from the synopsis, but unfortunately TSPN fails to reach the heights of any of those movies. Mogg obviously has a huge love for the genre as detailed in the making of featurettes on the DVD, but love does not always translate into a good movie.

The main issue I had with this movie is that it doesn't have much of a script, instead it relies on long sequences of improv from the amateur cast to fill up the runtime. Most of the movie is spent watching the girls drink beer and talk about boys which gets boring really fast, think Las Vegas Blood Bath (the DVD cut).

When the movie finally gets to the bloodshed (an hour in) it is too little too late. The driller killer uses a drill that is missing the bit, except when there are closeups of it entering flesh which is possibly supposed to be funny but just seemed weird to me. There is one cool shot of it entering a character's skull that's kinda grisly but that's about it.

Not everything was bad in the movie though so I want to point out some of the positives. There is some nice camerawork on display as well as some really great locations including a very ominous staircase sequence. I also really liked the actor who plays the driller killer. He looked similar to the actor from Slumber Party Massacre 1 and was pretty entertaining in the role.

Overall I was disappointed with Teenage Slumber Party Nightmare. Mogg obviously has a huge love for the genre and is a talented filmmaker, but the long improv scenes just killed this one for me.

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Mondo Bizarro The Complete Series DVD Available Now!

SOVHORROR.COM is proud to present the lost cable access show from creator Tony Masiello (Zombarella's House Of Whorors) MONDO BIZARRO!

Get ready for some of the most weird and wacky educational films you’ll ever see in MONDO BIZARRO THE COMPLETE SERIES.

No subject is too taboo!
Sex, drugs, masturbation, this set has it all.

Hosted by the lovely Amber Glossine (of the pop-punk band The Glossines), each episode of MONDO BIZARRO also contains vintage drive-in intermission ads, trailers, and sultry burlesque acts.

So what are you waiting for? Grab the popcorn, some beer, and those mind altering drugs for MONDO BIZARRO THE COMPLETE SERIES!

Contains All Six Episodes
  • As Boys Grow
  • The Party / Drug Addiction
  • Drugs Are Like That
  • Keep Off The Grass
  • Measure Of A Man
  • Molly Grows Up

2007/ COLOR / 171 MIN. / UNRATED

Available On DVD-R From SOVHORROR.COM:

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SOBs Who Love SOV Episode 6 - Metal Noir

The SOBs Who Love SOV are back to talk about David R Williams’ lost shot on video shock-fest Metal Noir! Be sure to pick up your copy of the Special Edition DVD HERE

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B-Movie Madness Review - Purveyors Of Blood (2004)

Jonathon Knight takes a look at SOV Horror's latest DVD release, Remele's 2004 Shot On Video Sick-Fest Purveyors Of Blood. Order your copy today HERE