Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Review - The Violence Movie (1988)

The Violence Movie (1988)
By Tony Masiello

A mad lunatic escapes from prison and breaks into the home of a young teen. The deranged maniac then finds a Freddy Kruegar mask (and later a hockey mask), puts it on, and starts to stalk his unaware victim. Violence commences.

The Violence Movie was made by the Wilkinson Brothers (Eric and David) in 1988 as a tribute to their favorite horror movies - like Friday the 13th. For the most part, the movie (only 14 minutes long) is pretty much what you would expect from a couple of crazy kids armed with a camcorder and a couple props. Most of the movie consists of the psycho and his victim fighting, fighting, oh and more fighting. There is very little plot, just a couple kids fake punching each other with an occasional blood gag.

Honestly, I didn't care for this one that much. It comes off as a re-edited (with newly added footage) home movie with not much substance, just some kids in the backyard play fighting. The DVD of the movie (or really short) also comes with it's sequel, The Violence Movie 2. This movie is pretty much a rehash of the first one except this time there is a little more creativeness, such as the killer being dragged by a car (pretty ballsy).

They Violence Movie 1 and 2 are not horrible by any means, but not very engaging either. The scenes of the kids fake punching each other gets very monotonous after awhile, and with very little plot or gore there isn't much to keep your interest.

Overall I say it's worth a watch for SOV completests. They are pretty short movies (both combined only run about 40 minutes), and feature a soundtrack by Friday the 13th composer Harry Manfredini. Honestly though, there's just not much here.