Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Review - Necroman (2019)

Necroman (2019)
Review By Gore Filth

This 12 minute Turkish short movie is directed by Ercan Er and is about Ali, who witnesses the brutal murder of his sisters 40 years ago and the impact it has on him all those years later. Turns out Ali has his apartment decorated with corpses propped up in chairs with fresh clothes on to replicate the family he lost all of those years ago.
There isn’t a ton of gore, but there is definitely some blood and guts in this short. My favorite probably being a particularly brutal throat slashing with a decent amount of blood spray, but this short seems to be more about horrific, downbeat, grimy atmosphere. I know from the title you might be thinking there’s some necrophilia in here, but there isn’t. This is more of a look into the twisted world of a man that endured some serious childhood trauma that now collects corpses as his way of coping with what he had to go through and I think it’s portrayed REALLY well here! This short will be one of 110 movies that will be featured in a German online film festival in October called the Free Independent Film Weekend.