Sunday, November 1, 2020

Deck The Halls / Humpleforeskin DVD Available Now!!!

Basement Videos proudly presents two early shot on video shorts from Director Josh Suire (Happy Helladays, An Evening With My Great Aunt Bedelia). In Deck The Halls, a nerd who is tired of being picked on seeks bloody revenge against those who have wronged him. Next, in Humpleforeskin, an ancient demon is out to collect the souls and foreskins of a group of young friends. Don’t miss this double dose of horror, comedy, foreskins and holiday cheer!

Special Limited Edition DVD Available Two Months Only!
(November and December 2020)

Deck The Halls
2005 / COLOR / 12 MIN. / UNRATED

2005 / COLOR / 37 MIN. / UNRATED

Sorry This Title Is Out Of Print