Tuesday, December 22, 2020

New Title Announcement Horrorgirl!

SOVHORROR in association with Mongrel Home Video is proud to present, for the first time on DVD, Raoul Vehill's 1995 Shot On Video Classic Horrorgirl coming January 13th only from www.sovhorror.com.

To make it in showbiz you gotta spill some blood. This, for the members of the band Horrorgirl is not a problem. Creatura (lead vocals) and Slayme (drums, percussion) accidentally electrocute their boytoy Fang (bass, keyboards). Undeterred, they reanimate him as their superhuman boom box and storm the stage to take on the Amazing Spellcaster in the Battle of the Bands. If Creatura can only exorcise the demon that possesses Slayme's skull, Horrorgirl just might sink to the top of this damned business.

Special Features
  • Audio Interview With Director Raoul Vehill
  • S.O.V. The True Independents Episode - The Making Of Gorotica
  • Ghetty Chasun Stills Gallery
  • HorrorGirl Trailer
  • S.O.V. Horror Trailer Vault
  • Insert Card Featuring Alternate Cover Art

1995 / COLOR / 50 MIN. / UNRATED