Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Specimen 6 DVD Available Now!!!

Basement Videos is proud to present this Special Limited Edition DVD of Specimen 6, Director Joseph Vogele's unique take on the slasher genre. Dr. Marissa Gray,  is determined to create the ultimate weapon that will shatter all boundaries of science and the supernatural. Destroying the lives of many is of no consequence to this mad scientist, as long as she reaches her nefarious goal. Specimen 6 is a slasher film that probes beyond the doorways of good and evil - beyond the realms of heaven and hell. A horror so immense that all who encounter it will fall prey to its darkness.

Special Limited Edition DVD Available For Two Months Only!
(June and July 2021)

Special Features

  • Director’s Audio Commentary
  • The Video Journals Of Dr. Marissa Gray
  • Radio Play - A Very Specimen 6 Christmas
  • Radio Play - Gray Manor A Christmas Ghost Story
  • Bonus Short - Let’s Play Dolls
  • Bonus Short - Time To Science
  • Behind The Scenes Stills Gallery
  • Original Trailers

2020 / COLOR / 85 MIN. / UNRATED

Sorry This Title Is Out Of Print