Friday, July 9, 2021

Review - Who’s There? (2021) / Deviant (2021)

Who’s There? (2021) / Deviant (2021)
Review By Gore Filth

This is the first double feature type of review I’m doing for 2 gory short movies and the first one up is “Who’s There?” directed by Bill Cate. This 11 minute short starts off with a maniac played by Mr. Cate himself playing with dolls in a handmade cardboard dollhouse! He’s pretending these little girl dolls are having a slumber party and being stalked by an unseen killer and the way it’s done is completely hilarious and gets super bloody too!

It’s after Mr. Cate is done playing with dolls that things take a darker and ultra-gory turn! Mr. Cate grabs a knife, walks into his house, and I won’t spoil what happens, but blood and guts galore fly in the final act! Bill Cate got so into it that he ended up severely cutting himself accidentally for real, so some of the blood you see in the short is Bill’s actual blood!! I really didn’t see it coming and was seriously impressed!

Next in this double feature, we have “Deviant” (2021), directed by Brandon Terry! This 20 minute short starts with Mr. Terry walking in on a friend of his viciously raping a tied up girl that’s being held captive in the basement! He excuses himself but comes back and they make this girl’s life a complete living hell! I’ll try not to spoil much, but the gore in this scene is pretty impressive! The intestines look incredible and the torture looks genuine and very well-acted! Most of this short is shot mostly from Mr. Terry’s point of view so that and it’s gruesome nature definitely reminds me of the best of the August Underground series while still being it’s own thing!

There are a couple more gory scenes in “Deviant” and they are well-done and gruesome as all hell! The ending scene has to be my favorite because it’s nasty as hell with plenty of blood pumping! “Who’s There?” will be featured on an anthology I’m currently working on that I can’t really mention right now, but will be announced soon! Contact Bill Cate on his Facebook page if you can’t wait to see it then and I’m sure he’ll hook you up! “Deviant” will be available on DVD from Dead Vision Productions so order one through their website! Both of these shorts are beyond entertaining and loaded with gore! Highly recommended!