Sunday, August 1, 2021

Variant DVD Available Now!!!

The EonCorp series continues in this shot-on-video science fiction gore-fest. A lethal alien embryo is used by a deranged man to release a new infection that exceeds the malignancy of Havoc pathogen, raising the mutant dead from their graves, and unleashing a new breed of alien terror. SOVHORROR is pleased to present this Special Edition DVD of Joe Meredith's S.O.V. Alien Gore-fest Variant!

Special Features

  • Audio Commentary With Director Joe Meredith
  • Down To Justice Music Video
  • Variant Video Game Intro
  • Variant Art Stills Gallery
  • Trailer
  • SOVHORROR.COM Trailer Vault
  • CL-X509 Growoid Insert Card

2020 / COLOR / 41 MIN. / UNRATED

Available On DVD-R From SOVHORROR.COM: