Saturday, May 2, 2020


SOVHORROR is pleased to present the Warlock Home Video classic AN EVENING WITH MY GREAT AUNT BEDELIA in an all new Special Edition DVD! This new Special Edition DVD is loaded with all new bonus features that will leave you screaming for the more.

From the vault of Warlock Home Video comes a smorgasbord of death! When Edith Gerhauser receives a mysterious letter inviting her to the estate of her deceased grandmother, she did not expect to be the main course on a platter full of blood and mayhem. Now she must come face to face with her family’s darkest secret - crusty demon witch Aunt Bedelia. Writer, Director Tobe Lerone is back to take you through the basements of hell and beyond and then leave you screaming for more. A flick so frightening The Warlock himself hid beneath his cloak for hours. Bedelia Is One Twisted Sister

Special Features
  • Introduction By The Warlock
  • Warlock Home Video Retrospective
  • Chris Seaver On My Great Aunt Bedelia
  • Vintage Chris Seaver S.O.V. Interview Part 3
  • Original Release Trailer
  • Warlock Home Video Trailer Vault
  • Trailers For Other SOVHORROR.COM Releases

“1993” (2012) / COLOR / 44 MIN. / UNRATED

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