Friday, September 11, 2020

Bloody Red Lips Of Blood DVD Available Now!!!

Two hot lesbian vampires are picking up victims at a local rock club and having a bloody good time! Meanwhile, Professor Bartel is mourning the mysterious death of his daughter, bugging local detectives about the case. He may be angry about their lack of progress, but is he really a “mad” scientist? Check out this deliciously sleazy shot-on-video gem from the Warlock Home Video Vault to find out!!!

Special Features
  • Director’s Audio Commentary
  • Alternate Censored Version Hosted By 8-Ball Amy
  • Interviews Director Joe Sherlock
  • Interview With Cast Member Alexandra Paris
  • Bonus Short - Crazed
  • Bonus Short - The Channel 12 Movie Uncut
  • Blooper Reel
  • Behind The Scenes Stills Gallery
  • SOVHORROR.COM Trailer Vault
  • Insert Featuring Original Warlock Video Art

“1989” (2012) / COLOR / 50 MIN. / UNRATED

Available On DVD-R From SOVHORROR.COM: