Thursday, September 10, 2020

Review - Meathook Massacre 4 (2018)

Meathook Massacre 4 (2018)
Review By Gore Filth

A few years ago, I had bought a 10 dvd custom box set from Screamtime Films and one of the movies on it was a bloody Christmas slasher short called Axemas. Not only did it have some bloody and creative kills, but also a lot of love for old fashioned shot on video horror. Not too long after, the movie’s director, John Ward sent me Axemas 2 for a review and just recently he sent me his contribution to the Meathook Massacre series, Meathook Massacre 4. I can’t really compare this installment to the others because I’ve only also seen part 1 and I barely can remember it, although I do remember enjoying the blatant Texas Chainsaw Massacre-worship. What I can say is I really enjoyed this one!
A group of friends on a road trip to Las Vegas accidentally kill a woman in a hit and run, but they definitely killed the wrong one because her relatives are all psychotic cannibal killers! This movie is not a total gorefest, but when there is some it’s nice and graphic! And don’t expect a high-budget display of special effects, but what you can expect are some gruesome gore scenes like, heart removal via punch through the body, double meathook disembowelment, throat slashing, gutting, and a few more! It takes a little while to get there but when they’re on, fans of micro-budget gory horror will really enjoy them! I definitely did.
There is also an appearance towards the end by B-movie veteran, Brinke Stevens and of course she gives a great performance as one of the deranged cannibalistic family members. I think every actor in this movie did a pretty good job too. Usually in a lot of micro-budget horror movies, actors will give an over the top terrible performance on purpose, but that didn’t happen here too much. I think this is some pretty solid low budget horror that’s entertaining as hell and shows a lot of love for old shot on video horror with better than average acting, cool looking and decently menacing main killer, and some nice gruesome gore here and there! I recommend it.