Friday, October 9, 2020

Review - Psycho Ape (2020)

Psycho Ape
Review By Gore Filth

When director, Addison Binek offered to send me the screener for this bloody killer ape movie, I was really excited to see it because I’m a huge fan of gore-ridden killer ape movies like Night Of The Bloody Apes (1969) and The Bloody Ape (1997)! 25 years ago a teenage girl who’s VERY obsessed with apes has a slumber party with some of her friends and is forced to witness as a killer ape slaughters all of her friends, but leaves her alive. 25 years later the ape is still not caught and is killing people left and right while being chased by Dr. ZOOM, who will stop at nothing to kill the ape! Amityville Vibrator director, Nathan Rumler even makes a cameo appearance as a masturbating peeping Tom who has his throat slashed with a banana!
Yup, this is a completely goofy, cheesy, gory as hell, and sleazy spoof on classic and not so classic ape movies and I really enjoyed the hell out of it! There is no attempt whatsoever to make anything serious or even halfway believable here. Just about everything is played for laughs and none of the effects even bother to try and look realistic. Just pure Z-grade charm all the way through! If you’re one of those Ebert wannabes that has to analyze every little technical detail of what you think “fine cinema” is then don’t even bother watching this! This was made by people who just wanted to have an all out good time and be as over the top gory, sleazy, and funny and just have people laugh and be grossed out at the same time.
The gore effects are a mix of super low budget practical and CGI, and somehow the combination just works for this kind of movie! Psycho Ape is just a completely non-serious goofy-as-hell spoof on killer ape movies that kept me entertained from beginning to end with ridiculous characters, some nice sleaze, crazy funny scenes, and over-the-top Z-grade gore effects and never gets slow or boring! I’m not exactly sure when this is getting an official release, but Addison Binek has a Facebook page as well as a YouTube channel, JAB products you can check out.