Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Review - An Hour To Kill (2018)

An Hour To Kill (2018)
Review By Gore Filth

Directed by Aaron K. Carter, this anthology movie is about 2 hit men who are given specific instructions not to take out a specific target for exactly 1 hour, so having AN HOUR TO KILL, they decide to tell each other nasty stories to pass the time. The 3 main stories told are, “Valkyrie’s Bunker” about a nazi serial killer slaughtering people in the woods, “Assacre” about a competitive eater who is given a very rare hot pepper and lets just say that’s where the story will well live up to its title, and “Hog Hunters” about a bowling team that brings a potential new teammate out to what they think is a whorehouse with EXTRA large women as an initiation, but things go horribly wrong! Some stories were better than others, but I definitely got enjoyment out of all 3!

“Valkyrie’s Bunker” has barely any blood, BUT even though the story couldn’t be more basic, the killer looks pretty cool and the atmosphere is still creepy as hell and I enjoyed it! “Assacre” was pretty hilarious through most of it and the climax is hilarious and SUPER bloody! Definitely some good gore/comedy to contrast the creepy slasher vibe of the first story! “Hog Hunters” is probably my favorite story because it’s creepy, funny, and bloody all at the same time and the reveal towards the end was insane as hell and that’s great!

The wraparound story involving the 2 hit men, even though nothing to spectacular, still ties in the stories well and is a lot more in depth I think than most wraparounds are and it still had some cool and funny moments itself! Overall even though it wasn’t a total insane bloodbath, it was still funny enough, creepy enough, bloody enough, and crazy enough to keep my full attention for the full running time and that’s not always easy! I definitely recommend you check it out if you enjoy low budget, sleazy, creepy as hell anthologies! Available on DVD and digital from Alpha Video!