Monday, November 1, 2021

Slimoids / Dinogore DVD Available Now!!!

Basement Videos is proud to present this Special Limited Edition Creature Feature / Double Feature from Director Sébastien Godin. First in Slimoids, a deranged mad scientist sends her creepy, crawly and slimy minions on a mission of the macabre...World Domination. Next In Dinogore, an earthquake awakens a hungry horde of prehistoric predators ready to devour human flesh.

Special Limited Edition DVD Available Two Months Only!
(November and December 2021)

Special Features
  • Director’s Audio Commentary On Both Movies
  • Sébastien Godin Trailer Reel
  • Interview With Dinogore Writer Jacob Dressler
  • Interview With Producer Dustin Hubbard

2018 / COLOR / 49 MIN. / UNRATED

2020 / COLOR / 57 MIN. / UNRATED

Sorry This Title Is Out Of Print