Friday, April 15, 2022

Dead Time Tales DVD Available Now!!!

From filmmaker Ron Ford (The Crawling Brain, Dead Season) comes this gruesome horror anthology featuring adaptations of stories by H.G. Wells, Mary Shelly and Rudyard Kipling. Crystal Gazing concerns an antique dealer whose recent acquisition may just lead to his ultimate demise. In Cold Feet, a soon to be married man discovers an old postcard that unlocks his innermost sexual desires for a ghastly price. Finally, in Bestiality a mobster steals a cursed ring that lets out his inner beast.

Special Features
  • Audio Commentary With Director Ron Ford
  • Composing Dead Time Tales With Jay Woelfel
  • Behind The Scenes Stills Gallery
  • Trailer
  • SOVHORROR Trailer Vault
  • Insert Card Featuring Alternate Artwork

1998 / COLOR / 79 MIN. / UNRATED

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