Friday, February 28, 2020

Review - Camp Blood 5 (2016)

Camp Blood 5 (2016)
Review By  Dave Sloane

Raven travels back to Camp Blood to seek revenge against the sadistic clown who murdered her friends.

Made back to back with the padding-fest Camp Blood 4, if you thought that one was bad just wait until you see this one. Dustin Ferguson is back in the directors chair for what is easily the worst entry in the series.

Like it's predecessor Camp Blood 5 is an exercise in how much padding can we fit into a single movie and get away with. It's kinda like Silent Night Deadly Night 2 were half of the movie is clips from the previous one. Except in SNDN2 there was still at least half a new movie to watch, no such luck in this snore-fest. Not only does CB5 recycles most of part 4 but it also recycles clips from other David Sterling Productions like the classic SOV anthology Things. There is literally a scene of Raven and her mother just watching Things on TV for like 20 minutes. So if you do the math and add all the scenes from CB4, Things and the extremely long credit sequences together what you are left with is about 15 minutes of "new movie".

Honestly I could pad this review out with all the problems and issues with this movie but let's save us both time and just simplify things. Camp Blood 5 was made to make money, there is no heart on display just a desire to take your cash. There was obviously little to no effort put into making it (as well as 4) and the filmmakers are laughing themselves all the way to the bank. Buyer beware.