Thursday, November 12, 2020

Review - Return To Splatter Farm (2020)

Return To Splatter Farm (2020)
Review By Gore Filth

Back in 1987, a very young and talented brother team of Mark and John Polonia, along with their good friend Todd Michael Smith (who also did a great job playing the very psychotic Jeremy) got together and made one of the best shot on video horror/gore movies I’ve ever seen, SPLATTER FARM! Unfortunately John Polonia and more recently Todd Michael Smith died very prematurely. 33 years later, Mark Polonia got together with b-horror actor and director, Jeff Kirkendall to make this follow up to an amazing no budget gorefest that was ahead of its time that crossed a lot of boundaries at the time! Return To Splatter Farm is really cool and much different. This is also low budget and is definitely gory as hell, but with more of a modern b-slasher style going on.

 Over 30 years after the horrific events of the original, a group of friends go to the abandoned farm house to hang out because one of them has recently inherited it and none of them seem to know that a much older Jeremy is still lurking around the property! The atmosphere is modern b-slasher and reminds me a lot of movies like the Camp Blood series that still has a lot of nods to the 80s just with more modern equipment. Jeff Kirkendall really shows his acting skills here as the much older creepy psychopath Jeremy and he has the same quiet creepiness that Todd Michael Smith had as Jeremy in the original Splatter Farm!

The gore is pretty nice here as well! My favorite is probably in the first scene and involves a nice and gruesome disembowelment with a sickle! There’s also gruesome stabbing, brain smashing/eating, beheadings, dismemberments, and more which were all handled by Mark Polonia’s son, Anthony and I think he did a really good job with them! So if you’re a fan of the original and are also into low budget modern throwback slashers like the ones I mentioned, you will definitely enjoy the hell out of Return To Splatter Farm! Definitely a fun and gory as hell movie and I wasn’t disappointed! Mark Polonia and Jeff Kirkendall definitely did a good job with this!