Monday, March 4, 2019

Interview - Blood Lake Actress Angela Darter

Interview With Blood Lake Actress Angela Darter
By Tony Masiello

How did you get involved in Blood Lake?
A friend of mine, though I can’t remember to be mad at, knew Doug was looking for a place and put us in contact with each other.

I believe Blood Lake was your first acting role, did you do anything special to prepare for it?
Uh, do you really need to ask?  Lol, I wish I would have!

The movie was shot at your parents lake house, did this cause extra stress on you during the shoot?
Yes, it was stressful. My father was a minister and had very strict rules which were all broken during the filming. I was constantly worried that something would happen.  I remember Doug threw a cigarette in the grass and I stepped on it while it was still hot. I went ballistic. I had seen lots down there catch fire plus it really hurt!

What was it like working with Doug Barry as a producer and as your on screen boyfriend? 
He could be charming and funny at times. He tried to be easy going but there were other stresses that I’m sure were on his mind. He has never reached out to me since the filming.

What was it like working with Tim Boggs? 
Tim was cool. He was fun and easy going. I enjoyed working with him.

Can you tell us anything about the other cast members of Blood Lake? 
My brother and his friends were the boys that were killed in the movie. I had gone to school with Andrea Adams so we knew each other. She was really funny and made us laugh a lot.

Can you discuss shooting the scene near the end of the movie where you are tied up in the shack and get stabbed?
Yes, that was recorded south of Norman.  You can tell I had not watched many horror films.  I try to put it out of my mind as much as possible, lol.

 As we see in the final scene of the movie the lake bed dried up, did the lake ever return?
Yes, they rebuilt the dam and it is full again. I have gone down there to just drive around the lake. My parents sold the property about a year after the filming.

Do you have a favorite memory of working on Blood Lake?
I loved skiing and being on the lake. As a family we spent the majority of our time skiing every weekend and throughout the week during summer.  I enjoyed trying to teach everyone how to ski.

Looking back what was the most difficult thing about working on the movie?
Being in close quarters with everyone 24/7 for that long.  We all stayed there for over a week. I needed time away from them.

Blood Lake was your only feature film role, did you consider pursuing more acting roles after the film was completed?
Hell no!  I was a performing arts major and loved dancing and being in musicals.

Any other interesting stories you can share about Blood Lake?
We were never paid a dime for any of it. That left a bad taste in my mouth. Doug's girlfriend was there for the entirety of the filming and made it very awkward. I don't think she liked me playing his girlfriend.

What did you think of the completed movie after it was released?
I never got a copy to be able to see it.

What did your family think of the completed movie?
One of my brothers found a copy to rent.  He never gave his opinion about it.

Some critics consider Blood Lake to be one of the worst horror films of the 80's does that bother you?
I agree with them. We all were so green that there is no wonder it was terrible. However Andrea played her character really well.

How do you feel about the movie finally getting a DVD release?
I wish it wouldn’t. I feel like we got ripped off. You can’t tell me that it didn’t make a little bit of money.  Even $50 at that time would have at least shown that our time and efforts were worth something. Part of me wants to fight it.  Either pay us or don’t put our work out there.