Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Review - Spirit Animal (2020)

Spirit Animal (2020)
Review by Gore Filth

This movie right here is a SUPER throwback to 80's and 90's shot on video horror! Shot entirely on an old Magnavox VHS camcorder, so no filters here! This movie really screams VHS-worship of the highest degree for sure. It starts off with a fake pizza commercial followed by a trailer for a movie called “Bathtub Shark Attack” so right away you know you’re  in for some back to basics cheesy VHS horror goodness! The movie even comes with a smell-o-vision card with 6 numbered spots to scratch and sniff when the number appears on the screen, and even a drinking game on the back! Director, Madeline Deering has a complete love for gory, cheesy, and grimy old shot on video horror movies and it shows here BIG TIME!

Campers are being attacked by a killer from campfire stories who can supposedly channel the spirits of animals of the forest! There are some great, gore-ridden kills in this movie including stick up the ass through the mouth, decapitation, complete dismemberment with a meat cleaver, giant straw into the brain, throat slashing, and so many more! The kills are totally cheesy and filled with lots of thick spewing bright red blood! A beautiful sight if you ask me! Gorehounds like me definitely will not be disappointed with the amount of bloodshed, that’s for sure! All done in the no budget shot on video style complete with loud squishy sounds effects dubbed in. Cheesy, gross, and cool as hell!

There is some great humor too! Before the cow mask wearing killer dismembers his victim, he recites the McDonald’s theme jingle and that had me laughing my ass off SEVERELY! And there’s lots of other funny moments like when the dickhead of the movie (Adam) grabs his ex and says a line that will have fans of Tommy Wisseau rolling. There are also more nods to classic horror movies like Evil Dead (1981)! I can’t recommend this movie enough! I can’t believe how much passion for old shot on video horror went into this movie! As I’m writing this, Spirit Animal should be available next week on both DVD and VHS from Nekro Shark Films! I highly recommend you getting one if you love no budget, extremely gory, and grimy shot on video horror movies like I do! Really looking forward to what’s next from Madeline Deering!

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