Saturday, August 29, 2020

Title Announcement - Natasha Nighty's Boudoir Of Blood!

SOVHORROR.COM is please to present our second in house feature Natasha Nighty's Boudoir Of Blood! A tribute to late night horror host shows like USA Up All Night but with all the T&A and Gore intact. Complete with commercial breaks featuring sultry 1-900 Ads, phony psychics and products you didn't even know you needed. All hosted by the world's first stripping horror hostess Nastasha Nighty.

Featuring shot on video shorts by Jeff Kirkendall (Return to Splatter Farm), Ron Ford (Hollywood Mortuary) and Tony Masiello (Zombarella's House Of Whorrors). Natasha Nighty's Boudoir Of Blood will take you on a trip back to the glory days of late night television. Did we mention nudity? Coming soon only from