Monday, March 29, 2021

Review - Forced Entry (2020)

Forced Entry (2020)
Review By Gore Filth

This 25 minute short is not to be confused with the infamous pornographic “roughie” from 1974 starring Harry Reams. This short movie is directed by, KM Jamison and James Bett Jr and was inspired by the story of an actual team of serial killers known as the “Toolbox Killers” that raped and murdered women during a stretch of 1979, and even took lots of pictures and made audio recordings of their crimes! Right in the beginning the pair of masked killers get right to it when they graphically stab and slash 2 women in their house and even graphically remove the breast of one of them! Even for a short it has a very fast pace and doesn’t get boring or have any filler!

 There isn’t a ton of gore here, but when there is it’s brutal and sadistic! And there is still a lot packed into the short running time with plenty of action, torture, and plain mental torment! The atmosphere is nice and grimy and it’s well shot! The picture is clean and somehow really dirty at the same time and fits really well with all the nastiness going on! The 2 killers and their victims show some nice acting abilities in their roles too! I also really enjoyed the footage of actual serial killers speaking about their crimes! That just added even more of a grim atmosphere! This short is grimy, sadistic, well acted, and definitely worth seeing! There should be a release sometime soon through Black Eye Entertainment, so keep an eye out!