Thursday, April 1, 2021

Assault On The Snakemen / Moopet Pastor DVD Available Now!!!

Basement Videos proudly presents two slices of Canadian cheddar from no-budget filmmaker Adam Riot Thorn. In Assault On The Snakeman, the heroic Rostar is sent to do battle against an underground mutant gang of snakemen to gain an item of epic power! Next, in Moopet Pastor, Father Colm Mcdwink must battle mysterious demons that endanger a young woman and the world when they take over the bodies of three innocent looking puppets!

Special Limited Edition DVD Available Two Months Only!
(April and May 2021)

Assault On The Snakemen
2020 / COLOR / 50 MIN. / UNRATED

Moopet Pastor
2017 / COLOR / 48 MIN. / UNRATED

Sorry This Title Is Out Of Print